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Below are the summaries of investigated members found by the Hearing Tribunal to have engaged in unprofessional conduct.

Dr. Michael Bleau
Dr. Hweejo Byun
Status: Summary of Decision – Appeal to Panel of Council in the matter of H.A.
Dr. John C. Canniff
Dr. Jian Ping Cao
Status: Decision Pending
Dr. Vivek Cheba
Dr. Alan B. Clifford
Dr. Suzanne Cziraki
Dr. Xuan Son Do
Status: Summary of Decision – Son Do in the matter of ADA&C
Dr. Jeffrey Falk
Dr. Daryn J. Flanagan
Dr. Christie Foreman
Dr. Lori Gee
Dr. Gurpreet Gill
Dr. Allan Grove
Dr. Richard Halpern
Status: Decision Pending – Halpern in the matter of multiple complainants
Dr. Amer M. Hussain
Status: Summary of Decision – Hussain in the matter of B.S.
Dr. Nimet S. Jinnah
Status: Decision Pending – Jinnah in the matter of M.K.
Status: Summary of Decision – Appeal to Council Jinnah in the matter of M.S.
Dr. Karstan Lachman
Dr. William Mather
Dr. Tarun Mehra
Dr. Andrew Meikle
Dr. David Merrell
Dr. Fassial Mouhamad
Dr. Usama Nassar
Dr. Adebayo Olowe
Dr. Carlos Patrickson
Dr. Jack G-L Phan
Dr. Henry Pon
Status: Decision Pending
Dr. Martin Rahn
Dr. Vishal Sharma
Dr. Silvester Tartal
Dr. Jeffrey Wakeford
Dr. Curtis Westersund
Dr. Michael Yar Zuk