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Below are the summaries of investigated members found by the Hearing Tribunal to have engaged in unprofessional conduct.

Dr. Michael Bleau
Dr. Hweejo Byun
Status: Summary of Decision – Appeal to Panel of Council in the matter of H.A.
Dr. John C. Canniff
Dr. Jian Ping Cao
Status: Decision Pending
Dr. Vivek Cheba
Dr. Alan B. Clifford
Dr. Suzanne Cziraki
Dr. Xuan Son Do
Status: Summary of Decision – Son Do in the matter of ADA&C
Dr. Jeffrey Falk
Dr. Daryn J. Flanagan
Dr. Christie Foreman
Dr. Lori Gee
Dr. Gurpreet Gill
Dr. Allan Grove
Dr. Richard Halpern
Status: Decision Pending – Halpern in the matter of multiple complainants
Dr. Amer M. Hussain
Status: Summary of Decision – Hussain in the matter of B.S.
Dr. Nimet S. Jinnah
Status: Decision Pending – Jinnah in the matter of M.K.
Status: Summary of Decision – Appeal to Council Jinnah in the matter of M.S.
Dr. Karstan Lachman
Status: Decision Pending
Dr. William Mather
Dr. Tarun Mehra
Dr. Andrew Meikle
Dr. David Merrell
Dr. Fassial Mouhamad
Dr. Usama Nassar
Dr. Adebayo Olowe
Dr. Carlos Patrickson
Dr. Jack G-L Phan
Dr. Martin Rahn
Dr. Vishal Sharma
Status: Decision Pending
Dr. Silvester Tartal
Dr. Jeffrey Wakeford
Dr. Curtis Westersund
Status: Decision Pending
Dr. Michael Yar Zuk