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This section reviews the bylaws, legislation and standards of practice to regulate dentists in the province of Alberta.

ADA&C Bylaws

Code of Ethics
The ADA&C Code of Ethics is a set of principles of professional conduct that governs all registered dentists (generalists and specialists) and establishes the expectations for dentists in fulfilling duties to their patients, to the public, and to the profession.

Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act
Dental Surgical Facility Accreditation Regulation
Dentists Profession Regulation
Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act – Disclosure of Information Regulation
Government Organization Act
Health Information Act
Health Professions Act
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Radiation Protection Act
Radiation Protection Regulation

Standards of Practice
Standard of Practice: Dental Facility Accreditation
Standard of Practice: Facial Esthetics and Adjunctive Procedures
Standard of Practice: Infection Prevention and Control and Risk Management for Dentistry
Standard of Practice: Informed Consent
Standard of Practice: Patient Records
Standard of Practice: Privacy and Management of Patient Health Information
Standard of Practice: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct
Standard of Practice: Use of Sedation in Non-Hospital Dental Practice

Guide for Advertising and Promotional Activities for Alberta Dentists
Guide for Patient Records and Informed Consent
Guide for the Radiation Health and Safety Program