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The Health Professions Act (HPA) is legislation implemented by the Government of Alberta to provide a common regulatory framework for regulated health professions in Alberta. This legislation allows health professions to self regulate their profession, while being accountable to the Government of Alberta.

The ADA&C is the regulatory body of dentists in Alberta and provides the public with information and services, to ensure that Albertans receive safe, appropriate, ethical and quality dental care.

Dentists Profession Regulation
Under the HPA, the ADA&C is governed by the Dentists Profession Regulation which contains a scope of practice statement and a set of restricted activities that outline what dentists are authorized to undertake.

Code of Ethics
The ADA&C Code of Ethics is a set of principles of professional conduct that governs all registered dentists (generalists and specialists) and establishes the expectations for dentists in fulfilling duties to their patients, to the public, and to the profession.

The ADA&C Bylaws

Under the Health Professions Act, regulatory responsibilities of the ADA&C are: