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As we continue to work through the COVID 19 Pandemic, how we treat our dental patients continues to evolve. The need for continuity of care for patients of record should continue to be the primary goal of each dentist.

The first line of care should be over the telephone. Telephone triage should always begin with evaluating your patient’s general health. Review the Guidelines on Emergency Treatment for the phone triage and assessment of patients.

Depending on the patient’s response of their symptoms, the first dental treatment should involve the use of antibiotic and/or analgesics. To help you with this pathway, we have enclosed Pharmacological flow charts for Adults and Children.

If there are medications that you are unsure of or have never used, update yourself before prescribing or consult with an appropriate health professional.

If you have concerns about the patient’s health history, contact the patient’s pharmacist. Pharmacists have access to NetCare which allows them to see health concerns and current medications.