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How long will it take to have my application completed with the ADA&C?
Times will vary, depending upon how quickly the applicant sends in materials and how quickly transcripts, Letters of Good Standing and Certificates of Standing are received directly from the institution or regulatory body.

What are the fees?
Fees are non refundable.
Application fee: $500
Registration fee: $1,000

I already own a copy of my transcripts that are in a sealed envelope – could I send them in myself?
Transcripts must be received by the ADA&C directly from the university they have been obtained from.

Who can certify a copy of my degree?
A lawyer can notarize or certify as a true copy.

Does the National Dental Examining Board of Canada certificate need to be certified?
No, just a photocopy is required.

How long will my Letter of Good Standing or Certificate of Standing be valid for?
Letters of Good Standing or Certificates of Standing are valid for eight weeks from the date they are signed.

Who can write my character reference letters?
Character reference letters may come from colleagues or friends but not family members or classmates.  The letters must be signed, dated and contain their contact information.

Can I become professionally incorporated before I am registered?
Applicants cannot submit documentation to become professionally incorporated until after a Practice Permit has been issued by the ADA&C.

What is the annual calendar year in Alberta?
January 1 to December 31.

When will I be able to take the Ethics and Jurisprudence examination?
Once your application file is complete, you will be contacted by email and an appointment will be scheduled for you to write the Ethics and Jurisprudence examination and register in the province of Alberta as a dentist.

Can I schedule to write the Ethics and Jurisprudence examination before my application is complete?
The examination may only be written once an applicant’s file is complete.

Do I have to travel to Edmonton to take the Ethics and Jurisprudence examination and register?
Yes, you will be contacted by email once a date has been scheduled, and notified of the time and location in Edmonton.

What format is the examination? Is it multiple choice or open book?
The examination is a written examination. It is not open book or multiple choice.

I have written the Ethics and Jurisprudence examination in another province. Is the examination transferable?
The examination given by other provinces is not the same exam, and is not transferable.

Is there a minimum time period that an applicant must have the study material for, in order to prepare for the Ethics and Jurisprudence examination? 
Yes. An applicant must have the study material for a minimum period of two (2) weeks before he/she is eligible to write the examination.

  • How do I set up a new Professional Corporation?

    See the Professional Corporation information package that is designed to assist Alberta dentists in the procedures to register a new Professional Corporation.

    The package provides information on: initial registration, amendments, amalgamations, revivals, continuance and change in shareholdings of a Professional Corporation in Alberta.

    The ADA&C strongly encourages members to seek the advice of a lawyer and/or accountant before proceeding with establishing or making changes to a Professional Corporation.

  • Can I have my spouse or children apart of my Professional Corporation?

    Since March 2010 legislation has allowed for a spouse and dependents to be able to have non-voting shares within a Professional Corporation. See the Professional Corporation information package for more information.

  • What name is acceptable for a Professional Corporation?

    The name must be in the correct format. The first name (in full or initial) and full last name of the dentist must be the first part of the Professional Corporation name. The dentist’s middle name(s) (in full or initial) may be used but are optional. The last part of the Professional Corporation name must be either Professional Corporation or Professional Dental Corporation. For example John Samuel Doe could incorporate as John Doe Professional Corporation or as J. S. Doe Professional Dental Corporation, etc. However, Dr. John Doe Professional Corporation is not acceptable as it is not possible for a corporation to earn a degree.

    Note: If more than one dentist is included in the Professional Corporation the Professional Corporation name must include all regulated members names using the naming format above.

  • Can a member have more than one Professional Corporation?

    Yes, a member can hold more than one Professional Corporation.