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Alberta Dental Association and College Council July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022
Executive Committee Directors
Dr. G.S. (Mintoo) Basahti, President Dr. T.A. Basarab, Director
Dr. S.B. (Bruce) Yaholnitsky, Past President (non-voting) B. (Barbara) Chipeur, Public Member
Dr. L.G. (Lee) Darichuk, President-Elect Dr. T.F. (Tobin) Doty, Director
Ms. N. (Nikki) Sandie, Executive Public Member Ms. S. (Shari) LaPerle, Public Member
N. (Nuvyn) Peters, Public Member
Dr. M.E. (Michael) Piepgrass, Director
Dr. N.D. (Nathaniel) Podilsky, Director
Dr. N.E. (Neil) Strembiski, Director