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We are never too old to have healthy teeth and gums. And we are never old enough to stop seeing our dentist!

While the need for dental care is so important, seniors may neglect their dental health. However, as many individuals  are living longer and enjoying active lifestyles, ensuring good dental health is very important. Poor dental health can affect a seniors ability to eat, maitain proper nutrition and impact their overall health.

Many health conditions that affect seniors can stem from poor dental health. Tooth decay and gum disease has been linked to other serious conditions such as diabetes, aspiration pneumonia and heart disease. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the blood stream when tooth decay and gum disease are present. This can result in weakened immune systems and more health problems.

Dentures require special attention. If dentures loosen over time, gums can get irritated, become uncomfortable and can affect nutrition.

Regular visits to your dentist for check-ups and dental cleanings is essential to maintain good dental health.