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Prevention and Maintenance

Maintaining proper dental health remains important in your senior years as it not only benefits your dental health, but can also influence your overall health and quality of life.

To help keep your teeth and gums healthy:

  • Use toothpaste containing fluoride
  • Visit a dentist at least every six months and bring a list of the medications you are taking
  • Brush real or replacement teeth at least twice daily
  • Floss real or replacement teeth at least once a day
  • Call your dentist if any change in your mouth persists beyond 14 days
If you suffer from arthritis or any other health conditions that make it difficult to hold your brush, speak to your dentist about options.

Dentures and Denture Care
If you are starting to lose, or are missing, some of your natural teeth, you may want to think about adding to your smile with dentures. Dentures help with not only your appearance, but also by supporting your cheeks and lips. Dentures also aid in speaking, chewing and swallowing.

If you already have dentures you should know that taking care of your dentures is vital to your overall oral health. Keep them in good condition by:
  • Cleaning dentures over a water-filled sink to prevent damage if they are dropped
  • Placing a small amount of liquid hand soap on the denture brush and brush all surfaces, including the clasps on a partial denture
  • Storing them dry in a denture cup
  • Wetting dentures with water when inserting to prevent discomfort

It is important to visit your dentist regularly, even if you no longer have your natural teeth. Your dentist will examine your mouth to check for any difficulties including problems with the tongue, the joints of the jaws, and screen you for disease.