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Daily mouth care improves the overall health of seniors. This regular health activity helps to decrease dental disease. This assists in reducing the risk of serious health problems, such as aspiration pneumonia and cardiovascular disease, and may assist with controlling diabetes. Seniors facing challenges with physical and cognitive deterioration may require support with basic daily care. If you have an aging parent or are a caregiver consider the following:

  • A senior should use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • When doing the brushing, rather than supervising, stand behind the senior to ensure they are comfortable.
  • With the information provided by dentists, conduct periodic checks between dental visits.
  • Dentures need to be cleaned each day, with denture cleaner not toothpaste. As well, examine the inside of the mouth for problems.
  • Regular dental visits will also aid in spotting trouble signs or sources of pain. Attend the dentist with the elder in your care. Provide the dentist with as much information as possible on medical history and medications.